Casual Friday - Offroad Subarus of Colorado

For a long time Subaru owners have known they can go just about anywhere with their car. Recently the price of models, such as the Subaru Forester, have dropped to a point where people aren't afraid to test the limits. There is no better place to test these limits than the mountains of Colorado. Offroading Subarus of Colorado is a bunch of enthusiasts that regularly meet to tackle trails and use their Subarus like they were meant to be used. So if you think you need a Jeep to go offroading or only know Subaru from the teenager with the loud WRX down the street check out these videos, you might be quite surprised!

Off-roading Subaru the Colorado takes on middle Saint Vrain and Coney Flats

We spend a few days in the beautiful back country of Colorado with the Off-Road Subaru Club of Colorado. Check out the festivities that went down!! Video by Connor Tieulie Song - When I'm Home - Here's To Fightin'

If this looks like something you would like to get into check out the Facebook groups Subarus Offroad International and Offroading Subarus of Colorado &  Friends :) for lots more information on events, offroad preparedness and modifications you can do to your Subaru. 

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