Singer Porsche: Luxemburg

I’ll be honest, when I photographed this car at the Eurowerks ‘17 car show, I didn’t fully realize what I was photographing. In a sea of Porsches this one stood out though. You are first presented with the brilliant orange exterior with polished fuel filler sticking through the hood, the wide wheels under extended wheel arches that perfectly matched the era and styling of this machine. Moving around the side, you catch a glimpse of the woven blue/white/orange interior that matches the quilted cover up front covering the fuel cell. Every little detail is pristine and looks factory, however very little of this car is factory.

This is a Singer Porsche named Luxemburg.

Singer is the brainchild of Rob Dickinson from Los Angeles. Rob started out wanting to build the perfect 911, taking parts from the best years of all the air cooled era and making the ultimate Porsche. They started off with a early 90’s 964 chassis and strip it down to the frame.The frame gets re dipped after it's brought right down to bare metal. The body panels are full carbon with widened arches that were hand sculpted out of clay for the molds. Under the arches sits a set of wheels designed by Harvey Weidman that suit this build brilliantly.The front hood support has been chopped and customized to accept the older style long hood and lots of cooling underneath. The headlights are the same Hella units supplied to LMP race teams. The suspension is taken care of by Ohlins coilovers. The brakes under the 17” wheels are factory 993 rotors and calipers, taking advantage of factory fitment with brakes that will bolt right up. Wiring harness is built from scratch from bumper to bumper, using high quality motorsport/aircraft connectors, to the tune of $30,000 for the harness alone.

Singer contracted a gentleman who designs sound dampening systems for personal aircraft to take care of the Porsche, using microphones and other instruments to find and block out the unwanted noise while still leaving the growl from the exhaust. The dash has been redone with airbags removed, all the knobs and gauges replaced with new units that still give the old school feel. The heater controls pay homage to Spinal Tap going up to 11, hinting back to Rob’s musician roots. You can’t but be amazed by the woven leather interior that uses a custom 7 layer pattern of blues, whites and oranges for the seats, dash and door cards. The motor is a numbers matching block that has been molded and reworked by Cosworth to rev to 7200rpm. The now 4.0L has a GT3 intake and crank that pushes out 390hp. The Cosworth power-plant pushes this orange rocket 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds through the six speed transmission.

If you find yourself with a spare half million laying around you too can bring your 964 to L.A. to go through this same process. The owner of this beautiful orange targa top has gone through the process twice, as he is also the proud owner of a grey Singer coupe named Minnesota. The coupe has the smaller 3.8L Cosworth engine in it and a much more subtle interior. The entire build can take upwards of 4000 hours per car, and the quality shows. For a car that looks this good and this put together it's hard to imagine that Porsche didn’t produce this themselves. Like it said, spray painted on the Singer shop wall, “Everything is Important”.

Firing Order would love to get in contact with the owner of this Singer Porsche. If you happen to know or are the owner please contact us!

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