Gran Turismo Thinks You Should Enjoy Driving In Real Life Too

With the new Gran Turismo Sport game officially launching, fans in Taiwan had an extra bundle they could purchase from Sony. The "Super Bundle" would set you back roughly $46,000 USD and includes a PS4 Pro, the new Gran Turismo Sport game, a PlayStation VR headset, GT racing wheel, one year subscription to PlayStation Plus, an AP1 racing seat, Sony 4K TV, oh and also a 2018 Mazda MX5.

The Limited Edition MX5 sports a deep red paint scheme with orange and silver stripes, and of course the PlayStation and Gran Turismo logos. The MX5 plays a key role in the game being one of the first cars you are able to drive and used in the driving lessons at the beginning of the game.

Unfortunately there was only one of these limited edition bundles and it has already sold.  If you aren't dead set on the limited edition paint scheme you could always recreate this package stateside for roughly $32,000.

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