SEMA 2017 Day 1 & 2 Recap

Las Vegas Nevada can be described in about a million different ways, but the one that seems to sum up Sin City the best for myself is “Excess.” Everything in this city is either gigantic, overly expensive, or unobtainable in every sense of the word. This little oasis in the middle of the desert is the perfect setting to host an automotive event of literally epic proportions. The SEMA auto show was started by a few hot rodders back in the early 60’s under the name “Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association,” and in the last 50 plus years the show has gone from a small group of enthusiasts whose goal was to promote uniform standards in the automotive industry (as well as a place to discuss with other businesses) to a literal staple in the global car scene. Every car person on this planet knows what SEMA is, and at some point has dreamed of having the opportunity to obtain a pass with their name on it.

Our good friends over at Classified Motorsports and World of Oz Media regularly attend the event and this year managed to get us those passes. Now I’m not kidding when I say that it is a dream come true to experience this show, and it’s apparent in the general atmosphere all around the convention.  Every single person who shows up to view the biggest, best builds of the last year is excited to triple their regular steps for the day and wander through a seemingly endless sea of the top tear in automotive engineering and customization. The vastness of the show is honestly overwhelming and trying to fit in everything possible, while still trying to maintain grabbing a few conversations with a handful of key figures in the auto industry, and hit all the seminars we signed up for is a daunting task.


Two days into the show I can promise you I have seen far less than half of what the event has to offer. It’s like stepping out of real life and entering a car enthusiast's wet dream for a week. Out front the guys n’ gals at Ford take people for quick drifting ride along in everything from 1960’s Shelby’s to brand new 5.0L GT Mustangs. They even have a Raptor that is only there to see how high it can get off the ground over a concrete jump in the middle of the display. The back parking lot is completely packed with builds from all over the country done by folks in their own garage, and on the other side of the event centre tire manufacturers burn rubber with even more skids and slides. Upstairs there are countless new parts and accessories for your every need. (Literally everything from race transmissions to handle over 2000 ponies, to milled shifters and pedals for shifter karts. A quick trip upstairs took us into light bar city, with the offroad guys showcasing everything and anything that will get you away from the city and into the bush for a totally different kind of automotive experience.

All in all the show is littered with million dollar builds and passionate people who are excited to discuss, explain, and showcase exactly what they wake up for each morning. With the event half over I can promise that there will be many more insane vehicles, wonderful people, and high quality photos to catch you all up on. Stay tuned; it only get’s better with the SEMA Ignited show Friday night after the cruise out of the venue, and the announcement of the winner of the 2017 SEMA Best Build.

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