Featured - 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

I personally believe that a real automotive enthusiast knows a little bit more than the average human about true love. I formed this belief over a number a years of buying and selling vehicles. The reason I have this silly little thought is because I don't know any other group of people who can so instantly connect with an inanimate object. Within the first 15 seconds of sitting in this car I knew I had to own it. No matter what.  I fell so in love not only with the smooth 80's lines, but the peppy and excited attitude of the Rotary Engine.  Not only did she catch my eye, but she stole my heart. Being that this is my personal summer car, I have a little bit of bias in saying how much I care about her, but I know for a fact, that every one of us has that same unexplainable connection with the metal and plastic we call ours.

The car is mostly stock, with nothing more than a few OEM+ mods done. The motor is a stock 13B, non turbo, that came with the car back in 1984.  To help her breathe a little better, there is an AEM dryflow air filter, and a RacingBeat True Dual exhaust system (To really enhance the rasp of the rotors).  She sits pretty on a set of 15X7 Konig Rewind rims, with just enough offset to make her look like she is subtly giving you the finger as she rolls past you on the road. The brakes have all been upgraded to a custom set of slotted discs, courtesy of our friends at StopTec. To help get all 100 of the ponies on the ground there is a competition lightweight flywheel, and a "stage 1" Exeddy Racing clutch set up.  To make the 7 look as obvious as possible to pedestrians and drivers alike, she's coated in a Le Mans Sunset Orange, which you may have seen on the stock 350Z's of the mid 2000's. The list of mod's will forever be getting longer, but no matter how many dollars, late nights, or broken knuckles, they will always be to enhance what Mazda did so perfectly from the factory.

Long gone are the days of reasonably priced excitement in an automobile (In my opinion), and the FB RX7 embraces everything that I've ever wanted in a sports car.  Simply put, on a windy road, it is the most fun you can have at 60 MPH.  The detachable sunroof sitting in the glass hatch, the windows down, and my right foot through the floor all help to create a feeling of utmost freedom. The cars performance perfectly matches the personality, and the smooth body lines, and dopey pop up headlights that I adore so much. Hat's off to you Mazda, for you managed to build one of my all time dream cars, before I was even born.  

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