TORC: The Off-Road Championship: Round 12 The Final Rounds

There will be shattered fiberglass and shattered championship dreams when the dust settles after Round 12 of TORC: The Off-Road Championship presented by AMSOIL at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. Only two rounds remain of the 2017 season and all the top teams are feeling the pressure and giving all they got, fighting the humidity, heat and changing track conditions. Overnight track officials decided to make changes to the track, pushing the entrance of the split lane back 30’. This was to allow drivers a chance to drive the corner and battle for positions without having to worry as much about their setup coming into the split.

The threat of rain in the afternoon pushed the schedule ahead and had Pro classes starting with Pro Stock UTV at 1 pm. A packed field made for exciting racing in Pro Stock but the championship was already decided going into Saturday’s race. CJ Greaves entering with a 53 point lead had the Championship locked down and was just looking to score another W in his undefeated season. With lots of roll overs and cautions, this Pro Stock race was an eventful and long race. The dirt was creating lots of ruts that caught drivers off guard in the short wheelbase UTVs. CJ pulled off the win holding off constant pressure from Jake Lunderby, adding win number 12 of the season, only one away from a perfect year.


The 800+ HP trucks of PRO 4 are the big trucks of the weekend. Johnny Greaves, chasing his son CJ for the championship, made a perfect corner on the first lap moving from his fourth place start right up to the lead. Keegan Kincaid ran up at the front for the whole race, his power steering issues that have battled him in the past seem to be figured out for this final weekend. Coming out his Pro Mod UTV, Johnny was pushing hard early in the race launching his Toyota further than any of the other trucks. This proved detrimental to his race as he launches close to 200 ft off the finish line jump, breaking something in his front end taking him out of the race. Power Loss in Scott Douglas’s truck coming out of the hairpin collected CJ Greaves and allowed Kincaid to benefit moving third to first which he held till the finish.

The rain held out long enough to get all the races in. But you wouldn’t know that watching the storm of activity on the track during PRO 2. Brad Lovell and Luke Johnson were in it for the championship but Andrew Carlson was in it for the hometown win. It was Carlson’s aggressive driving style the determined the finish of this race. A hard charge through the rhythm section trying to take the lead, found Carlson flying sideways into Lovell, shredding his tire. The contact lead to the four leaders four wide into the first corner giving Johnson the opportunity to take the lead. A late caution gave the field a chance to bunch up again for a last attempt to challenge Johnson, however he was able to hold on for the win and the PRO 2 Championship.


With some class champions locked down, there was still lots of racing left this weekend! Stay tuned for our coverage of Round 13 The Final Round of 2017.

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