Casual Friday: Motorsports to come.

Image Source: Dirtfish

Image Source: Dirtfish

Here in western Canada this is the off season for the automotive enthusiast, however we do have stuff coming.

On a personal level, we love Rally racing, and have always felt that there isn't enough coverage for it. The Big White Winter Rally is in early December, and we are going to go freeze  in the cold for the day, get some pictures, and hopefully talk to some drivers. This will be a test, we want to gauge interest and if it goes well we want to bring you more. In January we plan to run an ongoing daily update of the Dakar, a two week long off road race in South America, using the coolest heavy trucks, “cars” (they’re actually SUV’s by our definition), Dirt Bikes, and Quads.

If these two posts gain enough attention, next year we will have stories on  the entire Canadian National Rally Championship season. Unsure of how many events we will actually make it to, due to the diversity of the races, but over on the west coast we get to see plenty of off-road action.

For now, enjoy last year's recap of the Big White Winter Rally;