Sema Week Review

There has been a lot of coverage of Sema over the years, the videos and photos that come out of the show every year make some people believe they don't need to see this show in person, they can just sit back and watch it unfold on social media. But until you actually have the opportunity to attend its hard to get an accurate scope of just how big this show is. This show attracts some of the biggest names in the car industry from all over the world, with autograph sessions and live interviews giving fans a chance to meet the people behind these wonderful machines.

Spread over four days at the Las Vegas Convention Center this show is almost impossible to see everything. The show is spread out over North, Central and South halls of the convention center as well as the parking lots surrounding the center. Ford has their large display right out front of center hall, with show booths and live drifting and truck demonstrations, giving fans the chance to ride shotgun with their favorite Formula D drivers or get into a Ford Raptor as Ford's professional driver takes it over the asphalt ramp built in the middle of their demonstration area.

Being behind the lens of our cameras and trying to make it around the entire show between seminars that week really left me with a feeling of not seeing all the details and how crazy some of these builds were. The booths and cars where we did take the chance to talk to the owners and really get to see the ins and outs of the build brought new life to the car before us. Every car had a story and the parts the owner/builder were most excited about were usually never the flashiest or most obvious. We spent 10-15 minutes going over one clean BMW motorcycle on display for Ultimaker, a 3D printing company, just trying to spot all the subtle parts that had been 3D printed for the build.

There are some negatives to Sema as well though, builds that are unsafe and slapped together for show, knock off part companies, and participants looking to copy new products or steal/cause damage to booths. There are countless blog posts and videos out there highlighting the ugly side of the builds, from trucks with unsafe lifts and incomplete drive trains to cheap last minute paint and vinyl jobs that were peeling and bubbling. Unfortunately this year one of the headlines coming out for the show was a youtube "comedian" that goes by the name M2thak, was at the show "pranking" people to cause damage to some of the builds at the show. This guy would pretend to be part of the company and get unsuspecting passersby to test the strength of truck beds by jumping on them or test glass displays, saying they were unbreakable, by smashing them with a drill. These videos have since been removed from all his sources, but just goes to show the joke Sema has become over the years to some people. 

As usual the LS motor swap has run rampant throughout the custom builds at Sema this year but the most popular import swap had to be the RB series motor. It could be seen in almost every brand of import car at the show from a wide bodied Bmw sitting out front of the main hall to a couple old Datsuns and even a GR Impreza hatch. It's good to see the motor getting recognition as they are starting to come more and more into the US market with the R32s and soon to be R33. Although we have had these cars for some time in the Canadian market, the US market getting these vehicles will really make performance manufactures take notice and start pumping out some amazing products.

Overall I am super glad we had the opportunity to join Classified Motorsports out of Kelowna B.C. on this trip. It was super inspiring to see all these passionate people and meet lots of the people behind the builds you see on social media and on blog posts. We have made contacts with enthusiasts from all over and hope to be bringing you guys some closer detailed car features over the next coming months while the car scene slows down for the winter. Don't forget to contact us if you have any ideas for stories, whether its a feature on your build, your shop or your local auto sport club we want to hear from you!

Check out below for the full Sema Rollout album from Underground Photography and check them out on Facebook for show coverage from the entire show!

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