Singer Porsche: Luxemburg

I’ll be honest, when I photographed this car at the Eurowerks ‘17 car show, I didn’t fully realize what I was photographing. In a sea of Porsches this one stood out though. You are first presented with the brilliant orange exterior with polished fuel filler sticking through the hood, the wide wheels under extended wheel arches that perfectly matched the era and styling of this machine.

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Forbidden Fruit

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this image, it was the idea of a new Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. Being in western Canada I haven't seen a pulsar in production and available since the early 90's, let alone a GTI-R.

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OpinionJordan Wickett
A Smashing Good Time

Teams from the derby now have the daunting task of bending, replacing, and reassembling their bruised and beaten beasts over the next few months until they have the opportunity to return to the ring and showcase the strength and power of proper built bangers!

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EventShane O'leary