As a team, we have spent much of our free time engulfed in the automotive world. From going to car shows growing up with our parents, getting dirty doing the oil changes on our first cars, to organizing charity car events, automotive photography, and graphic design. Truth is, the three of us grew up in an awesome time for the automotive world. Our grandparents taught us about the 50's americana, our parents taught us about the muscle cars, and we taught our parents about European and Japanese cars. With the verge of the electronic car, and technology advancing faster than we can possibly keep up with, the automotive world is this fantastic place where the old and new are colliding. We want to cover it all. It doesn't matter what you are into, American, Japanese, or German, old or new, custom or stock, performance or stance, electronic or combustion, there will be something for you here.

- Jordan Wickett, Shane O'Leary, Tyson Noël and Dylan Wiebe